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Armin on Death Is Not the Enemy
wow! great shot!

Riccardo on Sarah

Sázky on Intendencia Ruins
exellent shot,great image,bravo

Katalog Stron on Intendencia Ruins
great picture,exellent compo,bravo

Ronnie 2¢ on Fence, Fort Santiago
Nice to see some style after clicking back from your next posting ! What a difference.

Ronnie 2¢ on Intendencia Ruins
Sad part is the little touches of ornament that are still in place . . decline can be so rapid.

Fred on Intendencia Ruins
Great shot! I like the high-key treatment!

dee allen on Chuck, Pangasuan, and M. Night
what a cute photo (^___^)/

Kat Banay on Wood Grills
pretty! love this

Stu on Intendencia Ruins
I love that look that film gives. I'm always trying to recreate that digitally but with no luck!

neilanie on Intendencia Ruins
i love this shot! great play on colors. is this taken with a positive film? it adds age to the photo.

cocoy on Intendencia Ruins
great lomo photos..

Elora on Cats
That's alot of cats! The post processing treatment is very nice too!

Luis A. De Jesus R. on Vicente
Nostalgic. The use of film will forever furnish a timeless feel to photos.

NataliaDiazMilabo on Peque at Ratsky's
hi to Peque.

Loïc Brohard on Sarah
Wonderful portrait, great work. Loic

Luis A. De Jesus R. on Liezl
Now that's a cute fella.

aMiRHosSeiN on When It Started
Hi, there, I am back again ;) Nice Again

Eleftheria on Liezl II

vinsmiranda on When It Started
oo, pareho pa rin ang laman! :)) wala na kasi akong camera. saka na ulit ako makapaglalagay ng bago. :P

Wolfgang - vu@granby on When It Started
Interesting perspective!

NADINE DERUYCK on Urban Sunset
vERY BEAUTIFUL URBAN PICTURE !!! Really love your work of singers and entertainers you show in you portfolio!!!! Like ...

Alphons on When It Started
I'm curious about what is started. Nice documentary shot.

Michael Skorulski on When It Started
I like the detail in your fine image.

k@ on When It Started
Thanks for your comments ! And I like that pic, beginning of things always allows Hopessss*

Nix on When It Started
Ito na ba yung library? :)

vinsmiranda on When It Started
hahaha. Nan! may bago na akong aminus account!

Mortola on From My Window
it's very unusual not to see a lot of traffic on the road.

Ronnie 2¢ on When It Started
All looks very neat and tidy although that scaffolding would not pass a safety check here !! . . Have a Great 2009, Nan.

Ronnie 2¢ on From My Window
Golden Arches from the window . . and golden light to match !

k@ on Liezl II
Excellent ! You'll easily find a "blue/l'dog" in my portfolio if you wanna visit it) See you*

dj.tigersprout on Lemon Grass
hmmm -- doing some cooking? yum yum!!!

vins on Belgian Bites
ang sarap!

vins on Belgian Bites
WOW!!! :D

Alphons on Belgian Bites
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

dj.tigersprout on Tree, Hole, Star
hmm -- are you trying to get me to gain weight?? ;) yum!!

dj.tigersprout on Belgian Bites
gorgeous!! and very delicious looking!!!

Mortola on Crucifixes
600 years of Spanish colonization really left an indelible mark on the culture. I often wonder how much of the beliefs ...

Mortola on Bench/Bed
i have slept on one of those, it's not as uncomfortable as one would think.

Mortola on Crucifix
very unsettling the grinning image on the left.

Mortola on Nifty Fifty
great lens, very sharp and superb contrast. don't fret it doesn't AF, full manual mode operation gives you ...

Mortola on Electric Meters
love this.

angeline may on Glaiza de Castro
sana lang ate glaiza nakita k naming umiyak sa tv........... para ipakita ung concern mo kay kuya marky love kasi namin ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Belgian Bites
Oh my . . this is so cruel when it is gone midnight here and I have no way of nipping out to buy anything even remotely ...

Heather on Belgian Bites
I really love this! Cute and clever photo

Alphons on Belgian Bites
Mmmmmmm! ;)

angel on Glaiza de Castro
paki sabi nalang po sa family n kuya marky we love him so mch and nice picture sayo ate glai

angel on Glaiza de Castro
to glaiza sna naging masaya k nung time na s kuya marky ka love team mo

evelyn juteau of aquarela on Eileen Sison, Escola de Samba de Manila
I love this photo of eileen. well captured, very much alive:) You're very good!

Alphons on Aicelle Santos
Very good stagephoto.

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